Monday, January 28, 2013

Tea Master David 3rd Brew

There are total 9 for this 2nd tea lunch fellowship 2013, after the tasting of Xiaguan toucha 1902 and Bao Hong 2012 May, David going to brew Bulang Shan raw 2007 for us to test taste which is the best out of the three puer tea.

The unmark Bulang Shan raw 2007, as the restaurant does not provide the neccessary brewing facilities that are require to brew good pot of puertea, we bring along the tea tray for the breaking up of puer tea cake wiht puer needle beside electric kettle n mineral water.

fried squid crispy outside but the fresh tender n juicy, this is the best comapre to other restaurant where the squid fresh are tough to bite..just go well with drinking raw puer tea..

The Nyoya style steam tilapia fish was the best of the all dishes order, everyone love this, half of the fish gone while I was busy taking pictures..


red shirt Dr Chin, middle shou kong n Siew Lim very bust eating..

Camera man not in the picture,left Kok Tee back from Vietnam, Chris, David behind standing Lyn rifght side Margaret from UCSI K.T.
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