Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant

Purple Cane Tea restaurant, Shaw Bros, shopping complex, Pudu, kuala lumpur,I and Terry was there last night as an invited guest, Rotarian Liew Shou Kong on the occasion of Rotary Club P.J. dinner meeting of the month.

Purple Cane Tea is one of the most well establish tea merchant in K.L. and also a pioneer in the introduction foods cook with a few such tea restaurant in various shopping mall in the city. Tea lady brew and serve ripe puer tea.

saulted clery, lily roots, celery, macadamia nuts in oolong tea.
Below braised chicken with sweet chili sauce tea sauce, serve wiht fried bun.


braised beancurd(taufu) in tea sauce

fried prawn with green tea sauce, otherwise think it is wasabi..


side order Yee sang, overall the all tea dishes did not live to my expectation as without advance informations I won't know this are dishes cook in tea broth etc..there isn't any tea taste at all, or tea leaves but I must admit it is simple healthy foods cook without msg etc..the only exception is the Yee sang.

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