Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2nd Tea lunch fellowship 2013

9 turn up for our group 2nd tea lunch fellowship for the golden Snake year on 26th Janurary Saturday, all the way to Sg Buloh village Yin Her Fishing restaurant.

1st dish to order the Yee sang as we are all very hungry due to the traffic jam, reaching the restaurant around 1330 hrs.


Yee sang due to all ingredients are pre prepare, therefore it is the first dish to arrvie within minutes, while waiting for the boiling water for brewing ouer tea.


This Choi Heaong taufu is my most favourite...


The Xiaguan raw toucha 1902 turn out to be the best of the 3 puer tea that we test tasted during this tea fellowship lunch

Come in 2nd is this Bao Hong raw may 2012 and the 3rd is the Bulang Shan 2007 our last brew of the day. Among our group we purchase a total of 4 cartons..

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