Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tea and Foods

Our group cannot eat foods without brewing n drinking our own puer ripe/raw etc. so it is bring our own tea pots and cups etc..to the restaurant.

Out tea brewer master David busy getting the tea ready before the beggars foods arrival on the table..

After travelling on the road for more than an hour sure it is good to have cup of nice puer tea...

All the beggar foods and other dishes....best to drink puer tea after eating such foods, each time we brew and drink not less than 4 type of puer te.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Green Point Tea Centre

Our group have a wonderful tea tasting at Green Point tea Centre Summit Mall USJ,Subang,

I lost count the number n type of puer tea and other our test tasted...

Mr Cheo give me your cup I am going to refill it again for U..

This is a good one...cheers..

After this I will brew another type for you all...

David getting the aroma first before drinking....

Shou Kong this one the taste sure different from the earlier one..

Hahaha good to eat moon cake and drink puer tea...

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Zhu Nee Clay tea pots.

Both are hand made using zhu nee clay from Yellow Mountain..

Using an ancient kiln to fire...

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lao Tong Zhi raw puer

I was given this raw lao tong zhi 2002 by a good close fren whom I introduce puer tea drinking to him in the mid 1990, he business grow n grow suddenly he become a puer tea collector..

I met with him afew months back, he took to his house and all in give me a total of 9 raw puer from 2002-2006

after tasting it is good and decided that I should keep it for a few more years when the taste will become better after more natural fermentation.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mushroom Puer tea

Mushroom shape puer tea, was not in production anymore after 1990 as the shape n form not very suitable for packing, shipping etc..

This mushroom raw puer tea most popular in Tibet as such the wrap paper written with Tibetan languages..

Broth of mushroom raw puer tea light gold color for 1st brew and turning stronger from 2nd n 3rd brew onwards..

taste like old wood with light smoke aroma there is no production date printed on wrapper but from the taste could about 10 over years, I think it will taste much better after another 10 years..later.

After just 2 cups somehow feel hungry so ask Annie for a hot chapati , just nice drinking and eating chapati...

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Monday, September 12, 2011

House of Tea

Liu Bao Cha in jar..

Liu bao Cha in basket...

Melon puer tea 5 layers..

The puer tea in the room where there is just little space to move around, just love the aroma in this place...

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PUER Tea House

The private owner already lost count how many stacks of puer tea now store in his house it is practiclly every self, cupboard,

Must be very heavy, even the wooden self already crooked..so it will break...

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