Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tea Drinking Gathering

My frens after lunch all came to my house for another round of tea drinking at my house last Saturday afternoon 27th September.

I need to brew no less than 4 type of puer tea and they bring some moon cakes where as i provide the famous Thong Kee Char Siew Sou n a packet of snack just arrived this morning all the way from NYK.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hand painted ceramic tea pot set

I consider this set of hand painted seramic set that come with 2 cups n a tea pots worth buying, this set will be easy for me to brew n test taste new tea or just brewing for my self etc.

The certificate stated is manufacture under the safety rules impose by the Health n Safe department.
I ended buying one of this set from T nature tea house, 2 designs my other 2 frens bought the balance 3 sets.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Golden Award Liu Bao Cha

Our tea drinker group main objective to T Nature Tea House is to test taste her Gold award winner 2005Liu Bao Cha

After tasting it all agreed it is good, as you keep wanting to drink the next cup, so all ended buying 1kg -2 kg etc

Chua Yin Yin packing the gold winner Liu Bao Cha base on order one Kg in a big tin and the smaller one of 200 gms in a tea container as per as above top photo .

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Monday, August 15, 2011

T Nature Tea House

T Nature Tea House own by Chua Yin Yin, when we fisrt step into this tea shop it give us the impression that there must be a few staffs working here... but I am wrong.

Can can't imagine she run the show single handed without a single staff.. I call her Iron Tea Lady beside our party 6 persons, there is another group of 5 person as well test tasting her tea..

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T Nature Tea House

T Nature Tea House well stock with all kind of tea, there are so many varieties of tea for customers o choose.

Puer tea could be the most in the shops as comapre to Oolong, Ti Kuan Ying, flower tea etc.

Ceramic tea utensils are also available some are not found in other tea shops...

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Zhong Hua tea House

Beside introducing to our group his puer tea, we were shown 1 of his rare collection of antique vase, looking at it nothing special to us at first. However when Margaret hold it her hands she light like feather...Lai join in to hold it so ligh lighter than 50 gm but the look gave impression it weigh over 1 kg.

we are waiting for the test tasting of this 80s puerh... good taste except the price???

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Antigue wine pot

I just do not know what call this it is ceramic tea pot, no it is for wine drinking but wait there no top cover at all just how to pour the wine inside!!!

hold it upside down pour the wine/water/tea sprout inside, then invert it back up right again, no leaking from the bottom hole???

Just pour out whatever was put inside earlier....into cups etc for drinking..

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Zhong Hua Tea House

Margaret our chief puerh test taste expert ( she is a wine afincionados) raw vintage or ripe puerh can't escape from her, our group members watching her in action, waiting for her answere for the grading etc..

2001 Commemorative Olympic Beijing game issued in 2001 when won the hosting of 2008 Olympic game. I think many of us missed this commemorative but i do have 2 commemorative Olympic game 2008 but for display only cannot drink.

All waitng for Margaret to finish her test tasting ....

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Zhong Hua Tea House

Our tea drinking group went to Zhong hau tea house to check up and for tea tasting etc met up with Mr Lee SC the owner,

He like sp many other veteran puerh tea investment collectors finally ended with open his own tea house to sell his vast collection of puerh tea n antigue etc.

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Friday, August 5, 2011

My EcoTea

Group at my Eco Tea a tea shop that sell premium raw puerh.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

SungFoong Tea Tasting

Our group enjoying a good lunch with mr Chia at his own SungFoong tea restaurant recently, you can't to brew and drink good tea at any fine dinning restaurant here in Malaysia.

After our lunch at the restaurant up stair we further went down stair the tea house to test taste a few more type of good puerh n liubao n liu ann cha, plus the kung fu cha art of brewing etc.

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