Friday, August 16, 2013

Six Famous Tea Mountain

at our recent 15th Puer tea fellowship our Lai bring out one his collection a 15 years old raw puer tea, this raw puer tea in Malaysia climate the fermentation is faster as such the taste now is on par with any 25 years old vintage puer tea..


David our master puer tea brewer sniff the aroma and check out on the puer tea broth color etc..

Lai just too happy that we all love this puer tea but however mine 2007 raw puer was brew after this, previously it is Okay this time some how the taste seem to have gone!! next time better brew n drink those new puertea before going for the older puer tea..

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15th Puer Tea lunch fellowship

15th Puer Tea fellowship lunch at bao xiang bak kut teh, sri petaling with david 2 guests n Lai it was a table of 10 ..

Lai so busy for the last few months didn't join any of our puer tea fellowship, this time not only he take time of from a busy saturday but also bring one of his 15 years old raw puer tea..

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