Monday, October 31, 2011

Robert House Puer Tea Party

Our puer tea drinking group last Saterday 29th October 2011, decided to revisit Robert Phua house to taste 2 new raw puer tea and one mushroom tea 2004.

2004 mushroom raw puer tea , using young leaves and the taste kum and refreshing...

a sure bet to invest into this for future drinking...

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I love tea pot

She was holding this 20 years old tea pot, this type of design no more in production any more..

We all think she will buy we are wrong...

Maybe this 2 tea pots as she spend hours holding it turning up and down...

Ahaaa she buy this frogy tea pot maybe she love the song by Arthur " one more night with the frog" at the First Baptist Chrcuh Arthur concert.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

My Tea Corner

Decided to turn this little corner into a tea corner where I can brew and drink my favourite tea in the morning.

Brewing and drinking here make me feel so cool and my neigbour wanted to come in for a cup...

It is better to drink my tea and read newspaper here than inside the house...

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Big leaves spring raw puer

Notice this Big leaves ( Jin Chao Mun) on the shelf all in front of the bamboo basket...
) Front portion of the raw puer tea and below the bottom look..

2009 only 2 basket left tea merchant willing to give further discount if buyer interested...

In my opionion after test tasting this raw puer tea good for future investment drinking..

This piece for test tasting, after this piece finish no more tasting, if buy balance 2 basket this if FOC ..

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pig Basket Puer tea

This is pig basket raw puer tea 2008 1 kg , the basket same design as those use for transporatation a pig from farm to ...

There is no tasting for this raw pig basket puer tea due to only 3 left when I visited the tea shop recently, I decided yo buy it all due to the offer of just RM55 per basket after discount, well if any of my frens wanted one I don't mind let go 2 but keep one for my self...

This is a ripe pig basket puer tea only few left 2008 but after tasting Id ecided not buy it not due to the taste but I already have many ripe puer tea that I can't finish drinking for years.. to come.

First brew the color light but when brew and infusion longer the color become become darker but still not dark like other ripe puer tea, so I assume the raw one will produce a brillant light color when become vintage ..

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Old Chi Tse Pin Cha

The paper wrapper of this cake of seven sons raw puer tea look new becuase the old wrapper after more than 14 yrs alreadt rot cannot be use...

for lunch we bring our own tea untensilsetc and puer tea and other tea ...

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Brewing puer tea

Pouring the puer tea broth into the fliter...into the double layer glass pitcher that will keep the tea broth warm to drink.

raw puer tea 14 years old...

with all the puer tea broth ready after one cup first before we attack the foods..

delicious currey clay pot fish head with at least 4 vege and taufu my favourite dish in this restaurant.

6 pieces of fried beancurd taufu very tasty and crispy outside soft n tender fish paste inside..

2 main dishes and one plate of fried vege with gralic..for 4 persons lunch.

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