Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pig Basket Puer tea

This is pig basket raw puer tea 2008 1 kg , the basket same design as those use for transporatation a pig from farm to ...

There is no tasting for this raw pig basket puer tea due to only 3 left when I visited the tea shop recently, I decided yo buy it all due to the offer of just RM55 per basket after discount, well if any of my frens wanted one I don't mind let go 2 but keep one for my self...

This is a ripe pig basket puer tea only few left 2008 but after tasting Id ecided not buy it not due to the taste but I already have many ripe puer tea that I can't finish drinking for years.. to come.

First brew the color light but when brew and infusion longer the color become become darker but still not dark like other ripe puer tea, so I assume the raw one will produce a brillant light color when become vintage ..

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