Monday, December 7, 2009

Special PUER

Only produce 2008 pieces only in 2004 weight 3 kg the cover in cloth price RM880 a good investment...
Weight 5 kgs limited production 2005 pruce RM1800 best investment for PUer tea.. good return after 10 years longer the better.
3888 pieces produce only 3 n half kgs Rm880 good investment for PUER collectors.
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Dong Han Tea

This PUER weight about 5kg after 30 years the value 10 times or more now RM880
The red an dblue special limited production...2004
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Dong Han tea wholesaler well stock other popular Oolong, Ti Guan Yin,Jasmine tea ...
Da Hong Pao one of the famous tea from MT WUYI in FUJIAN, I visited Mt WUYI once where the main street 8 out of 10 shops sell tea I was tasting tea for 3 nights after dinner during my stay.
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PUER tea known as XO tea for the past 10 years become one of the most popular tea in Malaysia, Puer tea can long 100 years and more the longer the better... but subjected the quality muct be top grade... ordinary grade even after years make not much different. Prices could start as low as RM30 per peice up to a few thousand.
There are so many sharp and variety to choose mostly from YUNAN however other tea producing states also produce PuEr tea.
Good quality PuEr shown price around RM380 per piece, name given base on the tea district etc.
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Sunday, December 6, 2009

DONG Han Tea addres n contact no.

DONG HAN tea wholesaler/ retailer ADD: 21, Jalan Hujan Rahman 3, Overseas Union Garden, off Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur, 0163279803 Mr Fang De Jin he speak Mandarin little bit Cantonese tel: 77826706 selling Chinese Tea and tea utensils etc.


A nice beti pair of cup and tea pitcher cup could use for brewing tea and pour into the pitcher or use a cup to brew tea and serve guest.
Another pair in blue color, affordable price RM15 and RM10 only.
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Friday, December 4, 2009

DON HAN TEA Wholesaler OUG

This section display tea pots of various shape and design, the prices are affordable as compare to before 1990, mostly come from China. The prices for better grade are higher than those normal grade tea pots, however any of the tea pots is good for brewing tea it is not neccessary to spend more unless you are serious as collector.
This set of XiYING tea pot come with case with handle and certificate, is suitable for carry around when going to other places...
This tea tray with marble surface it is not that costly as you think...there are plenty to choose here...
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Thursday, December 3, 2009

DONG HAN TEA wholesaler/retail

Dong Han tea wholesaler OUG well stock all ceremic cups and other tea untensils for your selection.. I consider the price cheap as the owner willing to give discount if you are a regulary customer and first customer who buy a few items..
There clay & wood cup saucer, tea pitcher, lip saucer, tea receptacle, white ceremic cup etc..

This section display wood tea scoop, tea scraper, funnel , one tray with a ew design of the blue ceremic cup..those little box contain stainless steel sharp pointed knife use for scraping PuER Tea as it is dry and hard.
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tea wholesaler no 1

This tea wholesaler located in OUG it is just one of the many tea outlets that I regulary visit to check out for the latest tea and gather other tea knowledge.
It is well stock with all type of tea from China....
Wooden tree trunk tea table with chairs where the owner will entertain his customers...I like this type of chair where you can rest your back inaddition the chair is cooling even the shop no air condition..
In fact I like to no air condition when tasting tea, the tea taste better and you could feel your body warming up..
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YIN YANG tea pot

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Saturday, November 28, 2009


This Japan tea cup was use in A Japanese restaurant located in the Shinjuku district, this place is a gathering of the younger Japanese group. There are many restaurants, bar, fashion etc for the younger generation and famous landmark is the Sunshine 60 storey building with a hotel and a revolving tower.
After the waitress pour hot water into this cup to brew the Japanese grteen tea, all the various sex position appear right before your eyes. I could hear some Japanese girls next table laughing and giggling. After my meal I asked the waitress to sell one of the cup to me she went to ask the Boss. I ended with give 3 cups given to me but I give 2 cup to my freinds who were with me for the dinner.
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Sex Tea Cup

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tea Pot

YIXING tea pot Buddhist writting suitable for brew te for 1-2 person only, good yixing tea pot can retain heat longer. I also use 2 yixing tea pot one for brewing and the other as a pitcher to keep the tea warm.

A ceremic tea pitcher with cover some without cover use for regulating the strength of the tea infusion. However tea pitcher with cover can be use to brew tea provided one know how to hold it as there is no handle like tea pot.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Grandsons favourite Teo Chiu Tea

Meng Jun 6 years old can finish the whole tea pot of Teo Chiu " Fung Wang Tan Choon" he like to drink slowly and relax to enjoy...
Meng Kit 9 years old he like to smell first before drinking...
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Thursday, November 12, 2009


This TEO CHEOW tea is not so popular in Kuala Lumpur there are more thaan ten tea outlets in China town but only two selling this teo cheow tea call "Phoenix " in Mandarin " Fung Wang Tan Choon". There is only one tea shop located in China old name " High Street" next to Petaling Street. However there is still a shortage of variety to choose occasionaly I do come across some other tea outlets selling this Phoenix tea but the quality not that good.
Malaysian tea drinker still like the Ti kaun Yin, Oolong and Pu Er...
Fung Wang Tan Choon tea grown at 1000-1500 above sea level in Phoenix mountain in the Chew An district located at the southern part of Kwangtung. This Phoenix mountain is cover with mist year round with high mountain peak and very deep valley as such Phoenix tea grown here are not polluted at all. It is claim to be good for lower blood pressure, after drinking it make drinker alert etc regular drinking provide better immune system against flu, cough etc.
I found it to be the best to brew and drink warm Phoenix instead of drinking water after my monring walking exercise.
This Phoenix tea was bought in FANGUN tea town in Guangzhou city during my July trip.I inted to go again after Chinese new Year 2010 any one interested can contact me it is free and easy travel not package tour arrange.
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Grandson and granddaughter drink my tea

Zhi Yoong age 4 years old started to sit around me whenever I brew tea, he enjoy drinking my brew tea and drink good quality one those 3rd grade tea he just have one cup that all no returning traffic, Otherwise keep on coming for more till the whole pot finish.
Pei Ying age 3 years follow her brother and sit near me when I started to brew tea, she drink more cup than the brother. I like to brew tea when they are around with me if is pure happiness and joy to have drinking my best brew tea.
Last year their new house ready and shifted out, I am a bit lonely when they are not around to drink tea together with me. Fortunately there 2 more age 6 & 9 years grandson staying with me but I need to wait when schoold over and after they wake up from afternoon sleep but not all the time.
However Zhi Yoong and Pei Ying whenever come over visiting will ask me to brew tea for them especially after playing in the house.
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