Monday, November 9, 2009

Grandson and granddaughter drink my tea

Zhi Yoong age 4 years old started to sit around me whenever I brew tea, he enjoy drinking my brew tea and drink good quality one those 3rd grade tea he just have one cup that all no returning traffic, Otherwise keep on coming for more till the whole pot finish.
Pei Ying age 3 years follow her brother and sit near me when I started to brew tea, she drink more cup than the brother. I like to brew tea when they are around with me if is pure happiness and joy to have drinking my best brew tea.
Last year their new house ready and shifted out, I am a bit lonely when they are not around to drink tea together with me. Fortunately there 2 more age 6 & 9 years grandson staying with me but I need to wait when schoold over and after they wake up from afternoon sleep but not all the time.
However Zhi Yoong and Pei Ying whenever come over visiting will ask me to brew tea for them especially after playing in the house.
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