Thursday, November 12, 2009


This TEO CHEOW tea is not so popular in Kuala Lumpur there are more thaan ten tea outlets in China town but only two selling this teo cheow tea call "Phoenix " in Mandarin " Fung Wang Tan Choon". There is only one tea shop located in China old name " High Street" next to Petaling Street. However there is still a shortage of variety to choose occasionaly I do come across some other tea outlets selling this Phoenix tea but the quality not that good.
Malaysian tea drinker still like the Ti kaun Yin, Oolong and Pu Er...
Fung Wang Tan Choon tea grown at 1000-1500 above sea level in Phoenix mountain in the Chew An district located at the southern part of Kwangtung. This Phoenix mountain is cover with mist year round with high mountain peak and very deep valley as such Phoenix tea grown here are not polluted at all. It is claim to be good for lower blood pressure, after drinking it make drinker alert etc regular drinking provide better immune system against flu, cough etc.
I found it to be the best to brew and drink warm Phoenix instead of drinking water after my monring walking exercise.
This Phoenix tea was bought in FANGUN tea town in Guangzhou city during my July trip.I inted to go again after Chinese new Year 2010 any one interested can contact me it is free and easy travel not package tour arrange.
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