Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Our last Saturday lunch at Puer Tea restaurant, courtesy of the restaurant Ms April on my request brew it for us for test tasting together with the wonderful dishes we order.

This picture taken while the keyixing brick still inside the wraper block, the taste was smooth, aromatic which remind me of my 2 bricks left untouch for years, I think it is by at least 15 yrs old above..which is much older than this..

Keyixing tea broth just goes well with the foods..

Above 3 layer pork very tasty most suitable to eat n drink tea or beer...

Half salty free run chicken, also best to drink raw puer tea when eating even thought it is not as salty as those Salt chicken..
Bitter gourd with salty egg york another of our favourite vege dishes here.

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tea Pot Hanger

My fren terry give me a tea pot hanger set, just nice two of small Choo ni clay tea pot can fit in nicely, so it is hand free now when brewing n pouirng out the tea broth.



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