Friday, December 30, 2011

Stone Tea Tray

A tea tray carve from a single piece of color stone, the fine carveing by a master stone carver..

how nice to own this set and able to brew your best puer tea for frens to enjoy...drinking
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Four Season restaurant

Most of the top class restaurants in Guangzhou provide a Kung Fu Cha lady to brew tea for their customers..Margaret love then and drink the raw puer tea fast giving no time for tea lady to re-fill her cup.

It is call Kung Fu Cha lady not becuase she a Kung Fu expert but she is train in tea brewing for restaurant customers..
Kung Fu in this mean labour work in brewing tea...

the captain join in to assist her as we drink quite fast...

We bring our own this 2007 raw 800 gms ( thousand years old trees) limited edition 2000 pcs only, let me if anyone interested to buy this master piece that come with a rosary only balance 35 pieces...a good investment for current drinking and long term investment.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Guangzhou Restaurant Tea & Food

Guangzhou truly live up to the reputatioon of being the China International wholsale tea district where you can get tea from whole China here as the wholesale district..such that any upper class restaurant serve tea in the tradiotnal brewing of tea by their staff...

my nephew George bring two type puer tea raw n ripe for the lunch, customers also can select from the restarant tea menu...

In Guangzhou it is a tea drinking society you dont see any customers drinking soft drinks etc duirng their lunc or is strictl drinking Chinese tea here in Guangzhou..

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