Saturday, November 7, 2009

How Emperor Shen Nong discover TEA

Emperor Shen Nong was a great hunter he like to went to hunt in the mountainous forest with his men.
There one hunting trip that take days and during one hot afternoon after chasing for wild foxes he was very tire. He decided to stop and rest under a big tree and his men started to boil water for the cooking and drinking. it was quite windy and some tree leaves fell into the pot of hot boiling water. 
His men wanted to pour the hot water away but Shen Nong could smell good fragrance coming from the pot and he ask him not to pour the hot pot of water and took a close look at it.
The water turn into some color and the good aroma was there. Shen Nong decided to try drinking it and found that it taste very good and after few cup he feel very good and not tire. 
He ask his men to drink as well and all agree it is best drink they ever drink.

Thus this hunting trip become  a trip for gathering leaves from trees all over the mountain.
Back in the palace Shen Nong get his medicine men and cooks to try brewing all the leaves and tasting etc. Shen Nong and his team of traditional doctor and cook was able to identify the various tea leaves and started to give a name to it of the tree leaves and record the various taste and color of the brew leaves etc. 

Over the years Shen Nong hunting trip was in co operated with search and gathering various type of trees leaves etc and brought them back to the palace for research etc.
Finally after years of tasting and doing research tea leaves Shen Nong wanted to include tea drinking as one of most important drink beside wine in the palace.
Tea was serve during all palace ceremonies occasion and gala dinner etc.
It was found that during gala dinner some of generals who get drank when serve with tea could recover much faster. From Palace the art of drinking tea spread into the home of the lords and rich people.

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