Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rotary Club Petaling Jaya, Tea dinner meeting.

RTN Alice Teoh selected Purple Cane tea retaurant for their club evening meeting for January, she must be a veteran tea drinker or prefer healthy coooking type of foods in order to select such avenue..

President Koh declaring the start of the tea dinner..

The tea demonstration etc only start after the dinner, 2 best lady tea brew master was to brew Yuk kwai cha from Mt. MuYi.




Aromatic Yuk Kwai cha is one of the 10 most famous tea from Mt. Muyi, however this tea very aromatic but can only give you 3 brew. In order not to waste the 1st brew it was serve to the guests which is also the best, 2nd n 3rd brew the aroma n taste most gone..

Given the chance I prefer to brew both the ripe n raw puer tea for the club members, as it is most suitable than any other black or green tea.Puer tea know as the living tea ( a tea that does rot n turn into dust) but continue living for hundred years ..
those who drink puer live longer..Hahaha. 

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  1. We have good tea & food tasting, and tea knowledge from Roger Kerk's presentation. It was a worthy effort to be there at Purple Cane, Shaw Parade. Compliments to the nice ambiance of the restaurant too..