Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Puer Tea Restaurant

My Family of 6 adults and four grand children having lunch at the Puer tea restaurant, the best thing about it beside the tasty foods are the brerwing of ripe puer tea, as the restaurant owner also a tea merchant.

The snake head fish is a great fighting fish, flesh are smooth and tender, it  is not easy to get such snake head fillets, as not many restaurant serve this dish.


Pork rib bone in thick heavy sauce and the ever popular sweet and sour pork with onion n pineapple.. 


Four season fried vege, four type vege ...lotus taste crispy..
below freid chicken nugget dip in sour sauce..


kai lan 2 varieties, the chopp shedded so crispy...

spicy lamb and kung poh chicken however this dish different from the Shanghai style of hot n spicy, this is not spicy just like any other fry dishes.

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  1. Wow, nice restourant. Nice tea and food. I like drinking tea too and Yixing Teapot is also one of my favourite!