Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yi Xiang Bak Kut Teh

Last Saturday 27th October, we decided to return back to our all time favourite bak kut teh restaurant, old Klang Road, this is the only bak kut teh that provide customers with nice ceramic tea pot n tea cups, tea pitcher and plastic tea tray, therefore it is very easy for customer to bring their own tea to brew or just select some tea from the restaurant.

My favourite is still the Pai Gu or rib bone, however this only 2 pieces whereas previously 3 pieces !!! 

the 3 layer or Chew Pai Bah forever our great tea master David, so he must drink more thick strong puer tea etc this time.


Ahaha intestine and pork stomach also David favourite but Chris, Siew Lim but I do hve a few pieces of the stomach only.


Wow this big bone order by Chris,however i notice the big bone remain big but some of the lean meat attach to the bone was gone by 20%.

soft bone or Ruan gu easy for those with a strong teeth to chew..also the bean sprout taste crispy..

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