Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jenjaron Bak kut Teh

On the way to Tg Sepat fishing village for seafood via Banting, Jenjaron kok tee told us about this bak kut teh shop in the village, we decided to detour to try out..

Our order take about 20 minutes due to many customers, all start to attack the pork knuckle without waiting for second..pot of da hong bao tea famous tea from Mt. Muyi most suitable to go with such pork knuckle..

David n Chris are the two that love the fatty part of the pork knuckle, whereas shou kong , kok tee prefer the lean meat of the prok knuckle..

Our group truly the best conbination as some prefer fatty some prefer lean meat so there is no fighting for the same portion..

pork knuckle look big but within 10 minutes it is bone left..


If not reserving some space in our stomach fo seafood at Tg Sepat fishing village, we could have go for the 2nd order for pork knuckle nother dishes..
but sure we are coming again n again..

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