Monday, March 4, 2013

Chi Hao Dian dim sum

Our 4th tea fellowship for the snake year on 2nd March, only 3 of us free to take part, the rest are still clebrating CNY lao sang in some other venue with their family and friends.

due to 3 of us only we decided to search for this chi hao dian dim sum in Kuchai Lama after hearing from frens and viewing Hao Chi tv8 sunday show quite sometime back..

The gentle, cooling Chinese scholar garden providing a very joyful ambience for customers to enjoy dim sum, so far this is the  dim sum restaurant with the best ambience beside the good dim sum..

The tea corner for customer to select the ceramic pots and to use the hot water dispencer was well design but the practically it is not suitable for tea afficinados who bring their own tea pots, tea cups for DIY..


I bought along with me 2 raw n one cook puer tea but in view the ceramic hot water dispencer water not hot due the long piping etc, I ended up asking the tea drink making counter to pour hot water to my tea pot for brewing..

Overall the taste of dim sum score 7.5 out of 10 points but the ambience score 9 out of 10 which of course include the clean toilet..


Tianjin Guo Bu Li Bao is the famous bao in Tianjin, this is my favourite bao as compare to char siew bao, direct translation from Mandarin Guo bu li mean dog dont care...funny name.

Complimentary Kwai fa guo with Jusco card if bill above $40, this kwai fa guo just mild sweet , aromatic kwai fa flower, this one dim sum restaurant that my group will sure like to come again but next visit we bring our own electric kettle or borrow from Edward the friendly owner a spirit kettle to boil hot water for brewing puer tea, also bring plastic bucket to cleaning tea cups etc..  

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