Sunday, January 8, 2012

1st tea drinking lunch 2012

Our tea drinking group 1st tea and foood 2012 on 8th January Sunday, was at USJ21/11 Subang Jaya at Great Taste Hong kong dim sum.

i bring along 3 raw puer and one Taiwan Oolong tea Oriental Beauty this our 1st tea gathering n food..

using one of over 25 yrs dragon fish tea pot with tea pitcher Pastor David Ng use hot water from this service station for brewing tea...

So far only 2 type of F & B outlets ( dim sum & bak kut teh)in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur providing such hot water dispencer for customer to tea brew, for us it is convenient n the only to brew a good pot of tea.

The dim sum restaurant or bak kut teh objective to save labour cost customer DIY after selection of the tea they wanted.

just after returning from Guangzhou, the taste of the good dim sum in Guangzhou still over shadow our local dim taste and presentation etc..

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